27 March 2010

A day in the life of an old git!

On Thursday I spent the day at the National Exhibition Centre which is some 24 miles away from where I live.  The Ring of Tatters are given a courtesy stand at the Sewing for Pleasure and Hobbycraft Exhibition.

This is a long day but we're always kept very busy with people showing a lot of interest in our craft.

One of the demonstrators this year was Lyn Morton of Tatting and Design - the author of several  tattiing books.  Here she is telling me off for taking her picture!!!!  You can see her latest book just under her left hand and also her Christmas book is there too.
Now, one of the visitors to our stand is a lady whom I'm sure you've all heard of but have probably never seen.  Like Lyn she's a lady who is a terrific and talented designer.  I'm sure that if Carol Lawecki is reading this she will be pleased to see her.  Any guesses?  No?  Well I guess I'll just have to tell you.  It's Pam Palmer.  She remembers (like me) taking photographs of my back some twenty or more years ago.  My better side is my back.  Why?  Because I had her elephant, dragon and peacocks on jackets I used to wear!!!!
Here are the rest of the gang - also fabulous tatters and great friends to have on a show stand.
Hang on, there's one missing!  Elaine, how did you escape?


Sally Kerson said...

Thanks for showing us what these people look like, usually they are just names and we have to imagine what they look like! Good to see a lot of interest on the ROT stand.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love seeing pictures from exhibitions and lace days. It's so much fun to see the faces of the people whose names I have learned through my tatting adventures. Thanks for sharing!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, It's so nice to see people that we have heard of. I actually recognized Pam Palmer, she had her picture in a tatting book that Georgia Seitz published in about 1998? What great fun you got to talk to Pam. Did she give you any indication if she was going to publish any more of her patterns?

The Ring of Tatters display is awesome. So many great pieces of tatting. I see your stained glass mat and the black and white jacket you tatted. Also the Mobil's you have hanging from the ceiling, cat, clown and fish. Wish I could have been there in person to meet everyone, including you and to see everything in person. Thanks for the post. Have a great weekend.

IsDihara said...

Wow, oh wow! Thanks for risking the hire of Lyn Morton so we could see her at the ROT booth! And Carol is not the only one who is excited to see both Lyn and Pam Palmer! Weeee at spree!

Paula C. said...

Hi Jane, Can you tell me more about what looks like an album or scrapbook with tatting motifs in it on the display table? It's the book right below her hand in the first photo. Thanks so much =)

Isa said...

Hi Jane, thank you for sharing those picture about the exhibition about sewing and hobbycraft.
It's looks like an exhibition I were yesterday in the south of Sweden....
Send you my best regards

Fox said...

Wow - Lyn Morton and Pam Palmer ! Those were the first names I was familiar with after Mary Konior's, when I first started acquiring books! And there they are! Looks like a grand exhibition.
Fox : )

Ridgewoman said...

Oh Boy! I wish Fox and I and a couple of others I can think of could have been there with YOU, and Pam, Lynn and all….How absolutely Fab!
xxxx P

Valerie said...

this is so cool, jane. thanks to you, i can now have a glimpse of these beloved tatting gurus, right here at my desk. wish i can be there too!

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