25 March 2010

The motif in colour!

I'm really quite pleased with this now!!  Takes a LOT to please me, though!!!

I've changed my mind on what I'm going to call it and also I'm only going to put the one version on this page as something is 'brewing' in the depths of brain cell's murky depths as to something else which could develop from this!!!  He's not told me a lot but I can imagine a bit of what he's plotting!!!  Sally, you were right about this version - THANKS.

The colours are from the samples that Sue Anna sent me and which I'm SO enjoying using.  Still can't wait to get to the HDT I've won too.  

Time and tide wait for no tatter so this one's going to have to turn the tide and do a King Canute with time!!!!!


Sally Kerson said...

Sometimes I am right!!!! It is another winner big sis, it is fabulous. The colours are beautiful

Sharren Morgan said...

Beautiful, Jane! Well done!

Fox said...


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

I do like how this is shaped! Looking forward to see what you will do with it next. I love the colors. I don't have this shade and I just placed my order with Handy Hands for more Lizbeth thread. Looks like I will have to order more. What is the color? Island Breeze #130?

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Happy Beaks
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