23 March 2010

The reason behind the new motif.

The new motif that I showed yesterday will, or may, or even may not become a large project.  There's a degree of psychology behind a large project and one that I did about thirty years ago is how I 'manage' myself when contemplating one!

I start by telling myself that the 'thing' is going to be 'just a few motifs' - maybe a glass mat.  When that has been achieved I then tell myself that it could become a small placemat.  I usually think I could make a small placemat - no probs.

I think I should show one of the large projects that I'm talking about - it's the jacket below.  After I'd done the small placemat on this project I told myself it would make a lovely tray cloth (well, this was a loooong time ago when a tray cloth would've made a great gift for a grandma).  After that the next target was turning it into a coffee table cloth and so it progressed.  I always had a secret thought at the beginning that it was going to be a jacket but that was never ever spoken aloud.  

I didn't even have to commit to the jacket until the back was done and then it seemed as if it would be just a small step onwards to finish the whole thing.  I remember that I used to sit and make the black centres evening after evening and once I was bored with that would then make the white surrounds and join as I went along.  Those evenings the jacket grew fast!!!  

It's made in a sewing thread - polyester which actually came from the needle factory where they made the Aero shuttles.  My ex found it (and 2 shuttles) abandoned in a cupboard and so he released them into the world (namely my hands!).

I still use the same psychology on brain cell number 3 when tackling a 'maybe this will be a big project' idea and thus the motif that I showed yesterday becomes a 'big project' - one day!!!!


Katherine said...

Only one thing I can say .... WOW!
This is amazing, and I can't imagine tackling something this size, and in sewing thread... well done. I am now wondering what might be coming next.

Bonnie said...

I clicked on it to see it up close and WoW, that is Beautiful, Jane. How long do you think it took to tat?

Jane Eborall said...

Gosh, Bonnie. That's really difficult to answer. It was a loooong time ago when I was slim and it fit me which it certainly doesn't now. That makes it over 20 years ago. The kids were youngish so maybe nearly 30 years ago and I was working full time so would do it to try and stay awake until bedtime. I suppose that probably two years on and off although if I'd 'sat at it' probably only a year. I'm guessing, I guess!!!!

Maureen said...

That is stunning - you know, if you were to make it again in thicker thread, it would fit you!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my. You did a wonderful job with the jacket. It is beautiful. So much work.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

How chic it is!! Jane, it is a Beautiful jacket!! How delicate it looks too. Sewing thread? That must be equal to about a 160? Thanks for show the jacket.

Yesterday's motif will look great however you decide to use it.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hi Jane. Is there something going on with your pattern website. Someone emailed me and liked my Janey O Janey ornament that I made and is shown on my Nov.2009 blog entry. She wanted to know what the name of the pattern was so I went to look at your pattern site via the link shown under your example of patterns on your blog. I don't see any of the patterns there. So I am wondering what is up?
Can you send me an email?

sewmuchfun4 said...

That is really beautiful!!!
:) Ann

Typstatting said...

What can I say but WOW that is really stunning!

Ridgewoman said...

I'll never complain about my table runner again (well, hopefully not! LOL ) XXXX P

Fox said...

What did your therapist have to say about this peculiar form of entertainment, I wonder.... LOL!
Great looking vest!
Fox : )

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