22 March 2010

Sisters!!! GRRRRRR

I'm going to moan about my sister today!!!  Not a big moan but a little one!!

I showed her this which I did first of all for the new design
Then proudly showed her the one that I'd done next which was the improvement!
I'd done the drawings and everything for that one but she said she liked the one at the top!!!  So, I re-tatted it yet again as I didn't like the stitch count!!!  SISTERS!!!!!!
Dare I say it?  She's right!!!!  There's one small improvement that I want to do to this final one and I think I'll leave both on the pattern page so folks have a choice!!!  Or will I?!?!?!?


Maureen said...

They are both very different, aren't they? - I'd like to see both versions on your pages. I think the second motif is my favourite.

Miranda said...

I agree with Sally. I like the first one better, too.

Fox said...

The second for me too!
Fox : )

P.S. Jane, if you have not read my response to your comment on the Pop-A-Bobbin - it is all GOOD! Working beautifully. Thanks ♥

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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