20 March 2010

Stealing copyrights - I'm a THIEF

I'm a thief.  Yes, I'm going to admit it - I'm really and honestly a thief.  I've stolen some copyrights off somebody.  Well, actually, to be totally honest it wasn't me - it was 'you know who'.  That's it - brain cell # 3.  Well you've got to blame somebody!!!

I'm working on a new motif/coaster which I'm hoping will highlight the HDT and Lizbeth variegated threads that I've been given.  So in order to make this design I decided to break with protocol and use other designs as 'inspiration'!!!  

Did I hear a sharp intake of breath there?  Did somebody say 'WHAT IS THE WOMAN DOING?'.  After ALL she's said about copyright theft?  Yup, I've gone back on my word!!!  

No, that's a bit of a porky pie (lie).  I'm actually stealing off myself!!!!  

I'm using part of this design
With a little bit of this
and a smidgen of this too
I'm actually and honestly too lazy to go looking round to get 'inspired by' other people's work!
Here's the results of my theft!!!  WHAT grotty colours, eh?  Next I'll try it with a variegated thread in the middle and a dark, dark outline.  I need to test to see how it will look when joined to others too.  


TypsTatting said...

What a wicked wicked woman!! LOL You really are in trouble. And of all things stealing off yourself. Love the variegated thread. I think that is Lizbeth Falling leaves!!! I just did a tatted teapot in that colour and it turned out great. I posted it on my blog.

deanna7trees said...

You must tat faster than the speed of light with all the beautiful things you produce in such a short period of time....

Fox said...

Nice design! I, too, would like to see it in different colours, but the shape is great.

Love the rhyming slang!
Fox : )

tattips said...

Looks lovely like all your previous snowflakes!

❦TattingChic said...

Good stuff, LOL!

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