19 March 2010

Guess what!

I've nearly run out of things to say!!!!  

Stop cheering everybody - I know you've been waiting for that day to happen but actually I have got one or two things to ramble and mutter on about.

I've spent two days (well, on and off) messing about with Facebook.  I originally joined up (like a lot of us 'older folks') to keep tabs on what my kids were up to.  Now they don't use it much I've not had much reason to 'be there'.  I thought of 'opting out' altogether but, being a nosy old git, I couldn't bear to do that!!  

So I set up a fan page (thanks mainly to TotusMel and Karen in Cincinnati and a few others).  It's called Jane's Tatting Adventures.  I managed to put a 'thingy' on the side of the blog - mainly to prove that I 'can'.  I'm quite proud of that!!!  I doubt I'll be updating that page a lot but it'll save me from boring you with 'what I've put in my Etsy shop'!!!!!  Well, a bit anyway.

I also managed to put up some pictures which I 'stole back' off myself out of my album which is online and from where the slideshow comes from.  

I'm also very proud of my web site and it's front page after days and days of struggling last week.  (Not quite so happy with the links page yet as I can't get the image to 'stay on the page'!!)  When I had a PC I used dedicated software to build pages but when I transferred to the mac I had nothing.  I'm not 'mean' when it comes to paying for software but when you only want it for one or two pages it seems a bit extravagant.  Then somebody told me that you could use the browser 'seamonkey' to 'play' with html.  So, I downloaded it and then had to get the poor old brain round 'how to' use it.  Then I wanted to add 'things' (like the Creative Commons License and the Facebook button) to the page so another steep learning curve.  I may try to put on a 'blog button' later - after cleaning windows (that's the sort that are built into the wall of the house - not the ones on the computer)!!!  All in all (as long as I can remember 'how to' for next time) I think I did OK!!!!

I LOVE all this technology - when I get the hang of it!!!  

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm glad you're able to wrap your brain cell #3 around all these wonderful new technologies! When I changed the look of my blog last year, I lost all my buttons (as opposed to all my marbles). Every once in a while I think I should take the time to put those buttons back. I just haven't taken the time to look around. It won't happen this weekend. Maybe over Easter break...

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