15 March 2010

HDT giveaway

I must be on a lucky phase at the moment because I also won a skein of Katharine's HDT which you can see here.

What I find intriguing about my new found interest in HDT is the way it looks on the skein, then the way it morphs as I wind it onto an Easy-Bob and THEN the wonderful look when it's finally turned into a piece of tatting.

The HDT also came in a fantastic card.  This was made by Katherine herself and she's used origami (or, as we call it in this household - oregano!!!).  I just LOVE this card and the wee bird fascinates me.

Thanks, Katharine - I'm looking forward to trying this skein out.


Gina said...

That's an intriguing colorway. Wonder how it will look?

adi said...

Hi Jane,
I live in the UK and want to get hold of some HDT but not aware where I can get them. I am new to the circle of tatting, but love tatting very much. Since you are one of the Tatting Guru's you could advise me.
Kind regards

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Adi. If you email me on lovetotat @ gmail.com I'll tell you all about HDT!!!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Not more HDT!!! Soon you will have such a stash of it and will become addicted. He he!!
The card is a real work of art.

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Happy Beaks
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