17 March 2010

It's a mystery

I was given this delightful ball of thread while I was in Palmetto but can't for the life of me remember who gave it to me.  

It's hand dyed and great to work with as there are very subtle changes in the dying which I find very pleasing.  The label says 'shuttle lab trends'.  Would the kind person who gave it to me please stand up and tell me?  It has been very discretely hand dyed.

I used it on some seahorses which I listed (and sold) in my Etsy shop.

After yesterday's blog post I had enormous help from TotusMel and my DIL in Cincinnati over setting up a fan page.  Well, you know me - always short of a few brain cells.  

In the end I gave up last night but THINK I'm on my way to setting one up today!!!  I've called it Jane's Tatting Adventures!!!!  Don't expect too much from me because you know what my aged memory is like - I'll most probably forget the page within a few days!!!!  

I'm beginning to find my way round Facebook - I've only been on it for several years!!!!  I'm not 'into' the games played there and am finding ways to avoid those.  Not cause I'm a miserable old git but mainly cause I'm too busy and too addictive to start in on something like that!!!!  I'd get nothing done if I did!!!!


Sharren Morgan said...

Your lovely pink thread was hand-dyed by Hope Bates and Lori Dunlap - Shuttle Lab Trends! They've been doing the loveliest colorways for a couple of years now. Hope also does decorated shuttles (and she'll take requests, too, if you want something special on a shuttle).

Gina said...

Good luck on your fan page venture. I think that's another reason FB annoys me. Everyone wants you to join this and that & it didn't matter how many apps I blocked or how many I hid. I only wanted to catch up on what my friends & family were doing & I got tired of wading thru the other stuff. Frankly, I would love it if advertising weren't allowed. I always manage to find what I'm looking for without it. See....I'm turning into an ol GIT! LOL!

TAT19540 said...

The only reason I joined FB was to know how my daughter was doing in Alaska and see all her pictures! She talks more about her life there than on the phone. lol That pink is pretty and I will have to check them out. Your surprises are boxed and on there way! There are 2 boxes.

Margie said...

Enjoy reading your blog every morning. I to get upset with all the stuff you get on FB. Got better things to do than waist my time with that junk. If anyone should happen to find out how to block it in some way, please broadcast it loudly!!

Unknown said...

I Was going to say Shuttle Lab Trends because I remember reading another tatter saying that they all got a ball of their thread in their goodie bags that they got at Palmetto! It looks like someone else beat me to it! Nevertheless, it's wonderful that you know who it's from now. I've been meaning to get some thread ordered from them just to try it out! I think it will be fun! I love trying out new thread! :)
~TattingChic ♥

connie said...

To block games and gifts or even certain people on FB,
roll your mouse to the right of the posters name the word HIDE
will appear. You click on hide and you will be given the option to block
the person or the game. Ahhhhh, isn't that better?

Fox said...

This is very pretty thread - I wonder how it will look when you have it on your magic shuttle...

Fox : )

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