18 October 2018

Winter is coming!!

Yes it's on the way and instead of getting colder it's (so far) been getting warmer!!

I don't feel the cold. Not nowadays. Probably because I'm getting too much weight around my middle - must do something about that!!! 

Because I don't feel the cold I don't need bulky clothes especially on my arms. I can 'manage' with long sleeved t-shirts (or tops) for most of the time but it's nice to have something extra to put on when I go out in the cold wind. So I decided I really 'needed' a sleeveless waistcoat (vest for those who don't speak English English!!!!). 

I have the pattern in the picture way below and I made it up as a cardigan a few years ago. I'll admit - I've not worn it above two or three times but I thought the sleeveless version might be better for me. I've started it but instead of the 'fancy' pattern below the bust I'm going for the plainer pattern at the top - treble crochet with 'holes'!!!! 

It's taken some brain power from BC3 to work out how many chains to start off with but I think I'm on track. Time will tell!!!!  Wish I had Jane McLellan's talents with crochet and knitting projects.


Jane McLellan said...

Thanks very much! You look to be doing fine, so I don't think you need any help!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That looks like a vest I could wear! I also get too warm, but when the wind blows, I do like a little extra warmth.

craftie sylvie said...

Very pretty! I like both your pattern and your yarn choice :)

God's Kid said...

I am sure it will be wonderful!! :)

Maureen said...

I like the pattern you've chosen! I feel cold below 25 degrees so I am always rugged up in winter here. But although I have crocheted countless rugs, baby blankies and doilies over the years, I've never had any success with garments. Can't get the tension right. I will look forward to seeing your completed waistcoat.

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