23 March 2012

More shuttles!

Just a quick post this morning.  
There will be another batch of Pop A Bobbin Shuttles in my Etsy shop on Saturday.  I'll list them at nine o'clock on Saturday evening.  That's 21.00 GMT.  

Also there will be a few of the new hooks - probably should be called 'Hooks with Hats' as that's just what they have!!  

Here's a list of what I've got and you'll see that there's only one of the double ended hooks.  The singles are 0.4mm and the double is the same but with a 0.6mm at the other end.

Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite!!!  For pictures of shuttles (and prices) please visit the tab on my blog here.

Ebony with hook 2
Zebrano no hook 2
Zebrono with hook 2
Cocobolo Rosewood - with hook 4
Purple Heart with hook 5
Purple Heart no hook 1
American Black Walnut with hook 1
American Black Walnut no hook 1
Apple with hook 3
Apple no hook 1
Afrimosa with hook 1
Teak with hook 1

Hooks with Hats
Zebrano (0.4)  2
Cocobola Rosewood (0.4)  2
Purple Heart (0.4)  3
Purple Heart (0.4 / 0.6) 1


Tat-a-Renda said...

I definitely want the double-ended hooks, but maybe a little later. I hope there will be more of this type for us to choose from.

Who am I kidding! I think it will be more like 'grab and pay' and no time to choose at all.

Unknown said...

Hello! Quick question about the shuttles - do they accommodate Aero bobbins, or is there a special sort of bobbin that goes in?

Susie said...

Is the "afrimosa" shuttle one of the new designs or old ones? I'm warming up my clicking fingers!

Unknown said...

Sorry if this double posts - first one vanished into the ether. I have a quick question about the shuttles. Do they take ordinary Aero bobbins, or do they need their own special bobbins? Thanks :)

Jane Eborall said...

Susie - they are all 'new' designs and 'im in the garage is now out of control!!! He's 'honing' them all the time to make them 'sleeker and slimmer'. Just WISH he could do the same to me!!!
Nardhelain - each shuttle is fitted to the bobbin it's supplied with BUT they can be interchanged I believe if you find the 'right one'.

TAT19540 said...

Temptations, temptations. Such lovely crochet hooks!

Sally Kerson said...

Hooks with Hats - very funny!

Bonnie said...

I got up early to get a hooks with hats. I have been been waiting and waiting, thinking you must have gotten busy and are late listing them. I came back to see if I had the time right and see it's 9 in the evening not morning. Silly me. :-) Okay I'll try my luck later this evening then. Have a good day, Jane!

ancolie said...

nice shuttles ! are they in your Etsy shop ?
I wish you a nice day

Jane Eborall said...

Well, Ancolie, they were but they didn't stop long!!! Another batch should be with me within the next few weeks.

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