20 March 2012

Pendant and earwigs

The last of my submissions to the Tat Days team is this set of pendant and earrings.  

Now you'd never believe the things that can develop from a goat's body!!!  Well here's a pendant that did!!!

OK so it's a BIT like (well, a lot, really) other ones I did with the metal centres here.  This one is made without and I thought it would be a simple 'conversion' but no, of course it proved to be 'interesting'!!!

Why without the metal middle?  Well in the past when I've been lucky enough to be chosen to teach at Palmetto I've used specific 'things' which have then proven hard to get hold of.  Remember this journey started originally with this.  Then Irma so VERY kindly sent me these and they have kept me very busy.  Thanks again, Irma - I'm still working with these.

In past searches of craft shops in the UK (few and far between) and the USA we've drawn a blank  or have struggled to find specific findings so this time I decided to avoid that by a re-design.

Anyway this is what I eventually came up with - all done in one 'hit' too.


Margarets designer cards said...

Both look lovely in fact pall the patterns you have shown are lovely, I wonder which one they will pick

Miranda said...

Artbeads in the US usually has quite a few metal "thingies", www.artbeads.com and type "filigree" into the search window. Free shipping in the US, but probably costs a million bucks to go across the pond. I've always had fast service from them-- and no, they're not paying me!

Jane Eborall said...

Well, Margaret, they might not pick any and that's the fun of putting in a submission - you never know who's going to get picked. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Lovely pendant and earrings, I like both styles, with and without the metal finding!

Carol said...

They look great Jane! Are you going to be selling the patterns to the things you've submitted after you teach them?

God's Kid said...

Those look great!! :)
I can see those with a navy blue and they seem like they would be almost nautical looking. :)

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Carol, I never sell patterns. If I get selected to teach at Tat Days then they will be on the CD they produce. When sales of the CD 'calm down' they will go on my pattern site for free. Here http://www.e.n.e.btinternet.co.uk/index.htm

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