24 September 2010

Spoilt YET AGAIN!!

Do you know I just be the luckiest old git in the UK.

Below are two photos of the packet that came from Sandra (Crazy Mom Tats).  I think the postman has turned a shade of green with the two packets arriving one after each other!!!

Now, inside this packet are lots of gorgeous fabrics including some cat ones  (for cat lovers) and a hilarious cow piece!!!  Balloons and butterflies are also there!!  Can't wait to see these made into bags.  If there's anything there that 'takes your fancy' do ask.

Must tell you what I'm hoping to make soon.  A 'posh tote'!!  Well, one or maybe two!!  I'm 'parsimonious' by nature and hate waste so all the offcuts of the bags I've made get popped into a carrier bag for 'je ne sais quoi'.   That's French for 'what the heck am I going to do with these'!!!!!  Not that there are many 'leftovers' considering how many bags I've made!!!  So, last Saturday when I was walking back up through the town after my daily walk I decided I'd get some iron on vilene stuff.  You know - the stuff you put fabric on and then iron the fabric and it sticks to it.  Well walking is my thinking time but I'd not got any money with me so the idea didn't 'happen'.  I've not 'got round to getting it' since.  So imagine my delight when inside this packet was a HUGE quantitiy of this Pellon 'stuff' which is JUST what I need.

Amongst the other things in the packet were zips - 'adjustable' ones, beads, buttons and threads.  Now I've not seen Karey's threads before - they're HDT.  Dying (pun intended!) to try these and guess what?  They came with ezybobs too - YIPPPEEEE.

Thank you SO much Sandra.  I think I'm going to have to invest in another tatting cupboard although I'm doing my very, very best to pare things down my fingers won't work fast enough!!!!


Typstatting said...

Gee Jane!!!! You sure are getting spoilt can't wait to see what you will make with those goodies!

TAT19540 said...

Bet you feel like Christmas time for you with all these packages coming! Lovely materials. Now you should be set, thread, beads, material, zippers-you are set!

Elizabeth said...

You have enough stuff to last you a couple of days. Isn't it fun. Love the cats with the sunglasses.

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