21 December 2011

More lovely tatting in Chile

It's so good to hear from Irma again.  I'd sort of lost touch with Chile over the past few years for some reason or t'other.  Still we're back together again.

The first two pictures show work from Anita Muñoz and the third is made by Lily Brieba.  At the bottom is Irma's own version of the Snowflake 2004 - least I think that's what it's called!!!  Ah, just checked - it is and it's here!!!  How clever to find a small finding to replace the centre ring. Now I must go hunting in my stash to see if I've got anything like it.  Such pretty colours, Irma.

Irma said this "All jobs were different despite having the same instructions each of the girls put their best effort in carrying out their work.

Greetings and a big hug and thank you very much for spending part of his blog to Tatting is done in Chile."


Sally Kerson said...

The snowflake is lovely and yes a very clever middle. Must have a go at tatting it! You seem to be hearing from people from around the world, that is great as it keeps tatting alive.

Clotat said...

yes!! my chilean friends are really wonderful in tatting.. great jobs!!

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Happy Beaks
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