8 August 2022

Monday moan

I've been absent without permission for the last week and a bit. I'm sorry if you've missed me but I really didn't think I'd got a lot to say!!! Turns out that I did but then couldn't fit in blogging into my busy life. If I don't sit down on a Sunday morning and do the posts and schedule them then the blog would be 'dead in the water'!!!

So it's Sunday today and the moan is again about Facebook - I do enjoy a 'good moan' at least once a week!!! 

I belong to lots of tatting groups and all the posts go directly into my email inbox from where the majority are deleted. I do occasionally reply to a question straightaway but usually leave it a day or so by which time it's lost in the timeline. By doing this I avoid any arguments or heated discussions!!!!! Keeps me out of trouble!!!! 

One group I recently asked to join (a tatting group) not only didn't let me in but has also banned me from even seeing the group itself when I do a search.  This has really upset me as I've never done anything wrong to upset them. Well, how could I when I didn't even belong? 

This group has members from all round the world but as soon as I asked to join they 'changed the rules' to only allow people in from their own country. One of the moderators told me this after I found out who they are and asked why I wasn't being allowed to join. 

I know that one of the moderators holds a grudge against me as I tried to help her with test tatting a pattern - if you don't want honest help from an expert then don't ASK.  

I'm not saying which country but if you want to know please email me and I'll tell you which group too. This happened a month or two ago and to say I'm upset is to put it mildly. I wonder what they're trying to hide from me? Surely nothing but now I will never find out unless others in the group who know me drop me a line.


Maureen said...

I can never find things I’ve seen half an hour ago on Facebook! Sorry this has happened to you, it’s both upsetting and annoying.
But as you say, there are many other tatting groups to join.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry. That’s awful.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've left a couple of Facebook groups because of pettiness within the group, sometimes from the moderators and sometimes from members. I don't have time for such nonsense. That said, I seldom visit Facebook groups unless something interesting pops up in my feed. I don't always get notifications of new posts in groups, so I'm sure I miss a lot. That's okay. I'd rather be tatting, knitting, or crocheting!

Jane McLellan said...

Goodness, how petty. Sorry to hear that. I only belong to one group, Just Tatting, so I won’t be able to tell you what they’re up to.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks folks.
Jane - Just Tatting is the BEST of all the groups as Lily (the moderator) is so good at her job.

picotsnkeys said...

I've never found a way to use Facebook. Perhaps it's because in the early days (living in Silicon Valley you get to test a lot of Beta stuff) there was someone who used my name that ran a business I would NEVER participate in. No one could find me, just her. I gave up and let her have that cyberspace.....

Anonymous said...

Probably not worth being in then anyway xx

Jane Eborall said...

Too true, Anonymous!

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