13 April 2015

Ebay listing and have you ever seen?

I've listed the tatting book on Ebay.  Here's the link.  Here is a link to my previous post too.

Have you ever seen a bollard cozy before? 

Well, now you have if you look below. 

This lady was at Crafternoon knitting one on Friday. For those who don't know what a bollard is - here's a link.  Now we couldn't find out what the reasoning is behind this but I think I must remind you that the last time we met she was knitting an asparagus!!!!  Bottom picture on this page.


Jane McLellan said...

And you thought you were eccentric?

Maureen said...

Have to say that I think this is probably a waste of good wool! But it's probably going to be part of an artistic yarn-bombing thing.

Ninetta said...

I think it is perfectly reasonable, twinkle twinkle little bat!

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Happy Beaks
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