23 November 2010

I did it!!!!

I resisted the very, very real urge to recycle the Victorian purse  (cut it and chuck it) and finished all the tatting on it!!!

I was extra careful when tatting the second side and made sure that all the beads were lying beautifully before and after closing the ring.  That didn't work either!!!  

So I 'bit the bullet' and finished off the outer round which I used to join the two sides up.  The outcome?  It is IMHO just as bad as ever and is now probably doomed to stay like this for eternity!!!!  

I may line the purse but I don't think I'll put it in a clasp at the top as that would hide the beads.  Unless I line it with fabric and then add a clasp to that!!!  One day, maybe but meanwhile the whole thing has been 'laid to rest'!!!


Maureen said...

Oh, but it's so pretty!! I think it looks beautiful, congratulations on finishing it.

Margarets designer cards said...

Oh dear, sometimes things just dont work out, its looks so good in the picture, but I can tell you are very unhappy with it. I am sure one day you will pick it up and it will go prefectly.
Have a nice day

Lily said...

There, now don't you feel better? You finished as the pattern indicated. LOL

Now you can re-do it (later) with your modifications!

I do think it's pretty, but I am anxiously awaiting to the new and improved version ;-)

Carol Lawecki said...

OH MY!! The Little Beaded (Much Beaded) Purse is BEAUTIFUL!! I think it was well worth it Jane!! I agree, lining it and joining the clasp to the material would be the way to go. This is just an awesome piece of tatting!!

Fox said...

Hey, with all those beauteous beads, how bad can it be! Good for you , finishing it!
Fox : )

Karrieann said...

Jane.. I wonder.. if using Delica beads might be more helpful. They are more uniform in size and shape... here is a link with more information if you are not familiar with them.


battatter said...

Wow...that is so lovely..!!!
I do agree with Carol L about the clasp. If you find you just 'hate' it... well, it can have a loving home in my house!! heehee..

Bri's Bits said...

I think it is absolutely stunning!! Besides, you can always add your clasp and tell everyone it is a genuine antique replica and you wanted to be as accurate as possible, and now it is! :D Another thing I have learned
while typing my comment is, that it's very difficult to
type and get it right the first time without mistakes with a cat foot in your eye, nose, mouth, eye again etc.

have fun and love love love the purse, so glad you finished :)

TotusMel said...

Sometimes you just have to finish something so that it can no longer nag you and you can cleanse your palate. That being said, it does look pretty from here.

Sally Kerson said...

Jane you have more patience than your little sister, I would have cut and chucked it and said goodbye to the idea forever!

God's Kid said...

I think it looks pretty nice! And remember, we are always our own worse critics. :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I think it's beautiful, Jane! I'm guessing there are quite a few of us in tatland who would be very happy to give it a loving home! ; )

Val said...

WOW, JANE! THIS BEADED PURSE IS BEAUTIFUL! i'm going to write santa and wish for one... LOL

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