6 August 2008


Well this week has started out a lot, lot calmer than last week!!  I couldn't take another week like the last one!!!  

Right, yesterday I managed to list the rest of the 'made up' (here's the link) roly poly bags and have already sold one set!!!  I'm SO glad I kept the partner to that set!!!  This proves that sometimes I have 'good taste'!!!!

In the evening I finished off Mark's swan.  This is a SUPERB pattern (again, here's the link) .   Thank you, Mark.  I took a little bit of a 'liberty' with it and added an eye bead - just so the poor thing could see where it's going!!!

I also managed (because it rained nearly all day) to get started on building web pages for several patterns which are in my 'done but pending' tray.  Or, to be honest, forgotten for a while by brain cells # 1 & # 2!!!!


TattingChic said...

The swan is lovely!

BJ said...

Ah, I get to see what you were talking about! Love the swan and its little bill is so cute.
X Bev

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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