8 August 2008

Gina's mystery motif and more!!!

I think Gina Brummet's a bad, bad girl.  I had to send for brain cell # 10 to get this one sorted.  I even had to ask her for help!!!  How did I tat stuff like this when I was only 13?  

Anyway, I know it's against the rules but just as pure, unadulterated revenge I'm going to show you the results.  Find them below on the left.

I'm afraid I told a lie yesterday (didn't mean to, honest, me lud) about the dangle I blogged then.  I found the proper one which is really, really my biggest favourite and is the one I'm going to keep.  This one is worked in a variagated thread from the new Artiste range from Coats.  A thread I really, really love.  I used it on both shuttles so that the effect could be seen properly.    

Anyway, enough from me - here are the pictures of the mystery motif and the dangle!!



  1. Silly girl!

    You got it figured out very well and it did what it was supposed to do - challenge you - which is not as easy to do as you make it sound.

    Love the bangle and the thread looks very promising. I wonder if it will be sold in the US?
    :-0 Gina


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Happy Beaks
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