15 February 2010

Hat number 2

Well as I THINK I mentioned before - the 'hat lark' started because somebody wrote and asked if I knew of a hat pattern.  Since then another person has written and told me that Mark has one on his site.  Here's the link.

You know what I'm like by now!!!  I can never be happy with just one thing at a time.  Brain cell 3 goes into overdrive when he gets started.

Here's the second hat in the 'set'.  Now, will this be a set of 2 or a set of 3, I wonder?  Here's a link to the first one, just in case you want to compare!!!!!!

This one is the right size to make into a pin/brooch. The flowers on the left side are worked as you go but I can 'see' other flowers added over the button holes and enabling you to tie the button onto a pin of some sort.  I'll be back with  probably a third hat!!!  Time will tell!!!


sewmuchfun4 said...

That is REALLY cute! The flowers are great!

Fox said...

Dickens! LOL!
Fox : ))

Ridgewoman said...

You KNOW this is my favorite! I like #3 too, quite whimsical and fun. Good ole brain cell #3.
xx P

Nancy G said...

Love it! Can't wait to see the next one!

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