19 January 2016

New pattern out today

Tomorrow will be time for day 6 of the TIAS.

Well this should actually have been out loooooong before Christmas but I've only just remembered it!!!! 

Thanks to somebody somewhere on the internet yesterday selling a heart pattern it woke up BC3 to the fact that he'd never got round to uploading this one!!!! I've several patterns which need to be finished and put on the site but I tend to go wandering off on a new idea before the links and other 'stuff' has been done!!!

Anyway, enough rambling - here's the link. Oh, and here are some pictures of the heart. It's actually quite good value for money - except there's no money involved, of course!!!!


Jane McLellan said...

An intriguing heart. I'll add it to my collection of heart patterns.

God's Kid said...

What a fabulous heart!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

Very sweet heart :)

StringyDogs said...

Pretty! The last one is my favorite.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Truly amazing that you give us three different versions! (It seems that BC3 works overtime!) It's difficult to choose a favorite! My niece has a birthday on Valentine's Day. She'll be getting one of them!

Tiggy said...

Aw Wow Thank YoU for sharing this pattern it's Wonderful! <3

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Happy Beaks
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