21 January 2016

Heart bookmark

This is one of the things I've made with the Abbi Heart pattern. A simple bookmark. 

My problem is I keep making these little hearts and don't know what to do with them!!! 

I've been truly amazed at the response to this pattern. Perhaps I ought to remember to post in the groups on Facebook (not a place I'm comfortable in!) more often!!! 

The strategy (if that's what you call it) of posting in the tatting groups did lead to an 'interesting' discussion with a Czech tatter who tried to 'strongly persuade' me into putting her copyright on the way the beads were added in the beaded version.  She claimed that in 2007 she'd put this idea on her website and it was therefore hers. I did send her the link to this pattern which was uploaded in the same year but even that didn't convince her. Least I don't think it did. Very difficult to discuss such matters when neither party speaks the other's language. Anyway I heard no more yesterday so it must all have blown over!


Maureen said...

Love it as a bookmark!I remember when you first loaded beads onto the Ball thread, because you had to explain it all to me again - several times!( I've probably still got the emails too, because I never delete anything!)

jennytats said...

Ah! This fraught question of copyright again. After reading all the anguished comments in the past from designers who have had their copyright infringed I have given the matter a lot of thought. I am behind you whole heartedly that you own the copyright to patterns, but I think copyright of techniques is a rather dodgy area. Often at a tatting workshop I am introduced to a "new" technique that I have been using for years ( and as you know I have more or less the same number of tatting years that you have!) And I am often surprised when looking through some of my older books, how long some things have been around. It is very likely that, as there are so many tatters around the world, more than one of them will start playing around with a similar idea at around the same time. Maybe I feel like this because it's always happens to me that my latest "good idea" has already been tried by someone else. Please don't let problems with other tatters stop you from sharing your good ideas

Texas Tatter said...

Jane, I love the bookmark! Now I know what my favorite friends will be getting in their Valentine card this year! You are the best!!

Jane Eborall said...

The whole 'discussion' was so silly. As far as I'm aware techniques cannot (and should not!) be copyrighted so it was also pretty pointless!!! You've hit the nail on the head. Patterns, on the other hand, can be copyrighted but again the simpler ones have been done time and time again over the years. That's why I like to do different 'stuff' so that I don't tread on anybody's toes!!! I do object when I see my pattern 'stolen' (including my pictures) and published in a book or magazine without permission but thankfully that rarely happens. IF I sold patterns either in book form or through online stores then I'd maybe get crosser as that would be depriving me of a living. As it happens I like to keep life simple and giving is so much simpler!!!

God's Kid said...

Sweet bookmark!!! :)

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