25 December 2011

Reporting on Christmas!

So far, no disasters and no drama.  

Not eaten too much, not drunk too much and a new edging design well under way. 

How's that for December 25th, eh?


Anonymous said...

Am I too late to wish you Merry Christmas??
Kiss from Rom

Anonymous said...

Am I too late to wish you Merry Christmas?
Kiss from Rom

Karen said...

It's always a good day when you have designing time. So many of us enjoy your designs and benefit. Happy New Year. Karen in OR

Maureen said...

Sounds good to me, Jane! - the new edging will be a treat.
Here, it was noisy, messy, chaotic, but very enjoyable, Not often that all the 5 offspring are in one place together, so it was a special day for me.
But I am very glad it's over!

Ridgewoman said...

We had a lovely Christmas evening with 3 grandsons and BB and SILove. Whilst getting ready, my socked feet slipped on the wood floor and I bounced off the edge of the platform bed. I have a gash and a hematoma on my right cheek (the kind one sits upon). Fortunately, I did not break my hip or anything else. DH cleaned it with alcohol and put salve on it; but, since I have been sitting gingerly. After, we got in the van and went over for the evening with the ‘kids’. Christmas this year was very special.
xx00 P

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Happy Beaks
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