27 December 2011


Yes, that's me and I LOVE it.  

On the Monday before Christmas Sue Anna wrote and said she'd mailed me a packet.  That was the 19th December.  So I started looking forward to it's arrival between the 25th and New Year.

Guess what?  Royal Mail got it to me on the 24th - Christmas Eve!!!  You know what I'm like when I've got new threads in my life - I grabbed an Ezybob and instantly started winding.  Then I realised I hadn't take a photo to show you all what a lucky, lucky old git I am.  Thank you SO much Sue Anna - I will take 'revenge' in the New Year!!!

As you can see - in the packet was Marilee's new book.  Signed (see bottom photo) too.

That brings back memories of the day I met Elgiva Nicholls back in 1976 at the Lambeth Town and Country Festival and bought her latest book off her asking her to sign it.  Little did I realise the value it would add to an otherwise splendid book.  So, Marilee, it won't be long before my ancestors (aka my kids) get their mucky mitts on my stash (after I'm gone, I hope!) and sell your book for squillions on Ebay because of the signature!


Margarets designer cards said...

Yes Jane, I have a grand daughter whose eyeing up my old tatting books too.

Michelle said...

Lucky you! You deserve all the good theings you receive!

IsDihara said...

What a treat to receive such a drool-worthy package on Christmas Eve! I have my fingers crossed that your progeny will latch on to your tatting books and never let go! (That's what I would do...)

What are mere squillions compared to tatting treasure! (Squat, that's wot!)

Sally Kerson said...

You are a very lucky girl - cannot get over Sue Annas generosity and how fast you received them.

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Happy Beaks
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