14 March 2015

Last of this session.

This is the last bracelet so 'normal' (if the word normal could ever apply to me) service will be resumed on Monday!!!!

I want to talk about two different issues today. Well, not so much 'talk about' but more 'tell you about' two recent experiences.

The first one was when I was contacted by a lady from Italy who had used the body of my octopus and made a 3D owl pattern from it. She wanted permission to publish it mentioning the source of the body of the owl.  I happily said that was fine. Lovely conversations were had and I did a few drawings for her owl. I hope that in time we can get both versions (English and Italian) up in the guest designer's part of my web site. 

The second issue I want to talk about happened when I was added to a Facebook group. Now I'm not a great lover or user of Facebook (I still don't understand 'tagging') but I'm really nosy!!! So I went to the group and had a look around. Imagine my dismay when I found at least five copyrighted books in the files section. I did mention this on the timeline and I'm hoping these will be removed.  

The other thing that worried me (in the same files section) was the translation into Italian of another English person's pattern. That would be fine, in my opinion, if the designer had been contacted (out of politeness) and if the designer's name had been put on the translated document.  If you think about it - if a pattern is translated from one language to another then it really ought to have a link to the original page and the designer's name (also the person who translated it) should be on the new translated page. To not put the designer's name on is rude and would probably count as copyright theft.  What do you think?

Well the lady who translated it did put the name of the designer on the pattern so again I thank her.  Thank her for respecting the designer.

Now my problem is - I seem to no longer be a member of that group.  I probably inadvertently pressed the wrong button on Facebook.  I don't like Facebook much - have I said that before?  Probably.  BUT remember I am a boring old woman who's brain cells are dying fast!!!


Maureen said...

I don't understand Facebook well either, perhaps we are just one generation too far removed! But I enjoy the tatting groups there.Yes, I agree that the designer's name should be on any translated document and I do think that with all the discussion and education about copyright online these days, that people are definitely more diligent than perhaps used to be the case.
I like this gold bracelet too - but yesterday's is stil my favourite.

Jane McLellan said...

I think Maureen is right, the education is having an effect, so good for those who insist on copyright being respected. Of course the translation should mention the original designer!

Ninetta said...

There's an italian site where some thoughts about pattern' translations are shared, very well written. Anyway, I agree, a thank you is no effort and should not be something to be asked for.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Ninetta, could you send the link, please? I like working with people to translate things that I've done and will happily host anything on my web site too.

Fox said...

My thought? I think you were removed from the group, so probably were an annoyance to it. It is pretty obvious when you leave a group - doesn't happen suddenly. You get a prompt asking if you wanr to leave it - not an inadvertent action. Hmmmm.

Ninetta said...

I sent you an email. Not related to tatting but interesting. The link is in my blog too.

God's Kid said...

Facebook is a major irritation and I have been on it for quite some time due to the insistence of my niece(who no longer contacts me on it).
Your bracelet in those colors looks quite elegant!!! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Very interesting, Ninetta. Thank you for the link. It's what I believe it should be too.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I read it - before even reading the rest of what you wrote today - I thought 'they won't remove the copyrighted files, they'll remove Jane. Betcha that's what happened. Normally when you choose to 'leave' a group like that, you get a whole series of 'are you SURE you want to leave?' boxes to click on. It's not EASY to leave online groups - but it apparently IS easy to get kicked out if you mention things they're doing that are not *right.*

Pigmini said...

That one does look good Miss!! I think that group doesn't like English tatters 'spying'.... VBG

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I probably have been removed from Facebook groups, and I don't really care. I joined to be part of my 40th class reunion, and I mainly stay on so that my family can see what I'm up to... obviously not a log since I don't post very often!

Today's bracelet is very pretty, but I'm pretty sure I own the prettiest of the lot! ;-)

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