9 March 2015

Purple bracelet

New TIAS just arrived - number 110.  See it on this link.

Well I seem to be 'stuck in bracelet' mode at the moment!!! I'm never sure what gets me into these 'moods' but I know I'm not the only one!! Take a look at Diane and her shuttle 'mode', hatband 'mode', weaving 'mode' and recently doily 'mode'. I think we all do it to a lesser or greater degree.

Here's the first of the new batch of bracelets - they'll all have adjustable clasps too.


Jane McLellan said...

Oh yes, I'm in sock mode! Love that bracelet, it's a good mode to be in.

Pigmini said...

I agree... bracelets are a good mode to be in!! I'm doing one for ME at the moment!! And scissors too!!! VBG

God's Kid said...

Very pretty that rich purple bracelet!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree too, very nice!

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