12 March 2008

A new thread

On Monday a small unexpected package arrived for me. I LOVE surprises and what was even better it was a ball of thread. Jenny Griffin sent it as a 'thank you' for doing the TIAS.
I'd never seen or heard of this thread - it's brand new from Coats in Germany. It's called Anchor Artiste and this particular ball is a number 20 and holds 20 grammes.
The colour is a very yummy variagated lilac. I worked up a bookmark using it alongside a Manuela thread. I would say that it is exactly the same as Flora and not as 'harsh' as Floretta. The only snag I can find is the price which I found it listed on one site.
I'm not giving the link to that site as I'm hoping that others will sell it a bit cheaper. Hint, hint to any thread suppliers that are reading this!!!
Here is the bookmark I made!!!


Pamela said...

Jane, Coats Anchor Chain Mercer has been rebranded as Anchor Artiste Mercer.
The best thread I have ever used.

They do seem to be doing more colours too.

Expensive but well worth it for the effort involved in tatting.

Linda S Davies said...

That certainly looked as if it worked up very well, Jane. Thank you Pamela for the useful info!

Tattycat said...

What a nice surprise and a good friend. Beautiful bookmark as well.

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Happy Beaks
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