3 February 2014

More progress on the hanky edging

First of all - tomorrow will be day 11 of the Tat It And See.

Right - time to start on the 'real deal' with a hanky and number 80 thread.

Well I started and then found that just wasn't going to work as it is on this post!!!  Why?  Well the rings looked fine in a size 20 but became too small to have clarity when worked in an 80 - they looked 'squidged'.  This meant re-jigging the stitch count throughout!!!!  A pain in the proverbial but it had to be done!!!!

Below is part of a side with the original count and underneath a the new stitch count and a corner.  Life with this hanky should now be pretty straightforward as it's got good depth (¾") and is fast to work up too.


Fox said...

I like this pattern because of that little split ring at the top. Very nice shape. : )

Ladytats said...

I too like this pattern and how the little split ring looks at the top. he he, I copied you Fox. Anyway. I do like how this looks in 2 colors

Unknown said...

It reminds me of crowns. I made about 3 dozen hankies years ago and tatted and crocheted right to the hanky as I tatted and crocheted the edging. I used a small awl and poked holes all around the edge of the hankies and then joined to them as I made the edging. I found that I liked it better than sewing it on.
Will you post it after you sew it on? I would like to see it. Whenever I sewed the edging on it always looked messy and puckered.

Jane Eborall said...

Funny you should say that, Denise. That's it's name and has been for weeks since it occurred to BC3 that that's what it looked like!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was just the other day that I remembered that a new year meant a new tatting adventure. This time I will mark my calendar for next year!

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