6 February 2014

Finished and uploaded

I've just 'stolen' this from an email which was sent to me from a good friend in Singapore so I thought I'd pass it on.

She said - it's renri (人日), birthday of humans, today. So to everybody in Tat Land - happy birthday to you.  Here's a link for you to look at.  Nice to know that all us humans share a birthday.  What a GREAT idea.  What shall I give myself, then?   Ooooooh, I know - a cup of tea!!!!

Well that was fast for me!!!  I had a relatively quiet afternoon yesterday so managed to finish off and re-upload this motif.  Here's the link.

I did find a date for it after much searching around the computer so that's a weight off my mind.  Well, it would've been IF it had worried me.

In this version of the 'new/old' motif I have changed the stitch count when using the size 20 thread and changed the text too in several small ways.  I've also done the notation to reflect front/back sided tatting - not that I feel it's important to tat that way but because I find it useful myself when I'm 'in the mood' to use it!!!  

Tomorrow will be day 12 of the TIAS.  


Pigmini said...

Thanks Jane!! Just finished Gwen the Gecko, gotta sew in ends then I needed something else to tat!!!

Unknown said...

Love the color combo on this one.

Charlotte said...

I don't tat but love your work. I am so jealous!

God's Kid said...

That motif is beautiful!!! :)

Valerie said...

Good one on checking out about renri. Happy Birthday!
Love the colours used on the motif!

Miranda said...

I love the color combination on this; it looks like a flower garden!

Suztats said...

Perfect timing as I need some pretty snowflakes! The colours you used really caught my eye. Thanks

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Happy Beaks
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