21 October 2015

Beads and threads

Well if you remember (or not!!) I mentioned in a previous post that Karey Solomon had called me evil when she took one of my classes at the Fringe tat days!!! She was chuckling as she said it - several times - so I know she was teasing. Least that's what I keep telling myself!!!!

Now it's MY turn to call HER evil!!! Why? Well because I'd told myself (and Nick) that I wasn't going to buy ANY MORE THREADS. So, what did Karey do? She brought a load to the Fringe and had them there to SELL. I kept walking past them telling myself that I wasn't allowed to buy any but in the end I gave in. Well, who wouldn't? They're DELICIOUS. So, Karey - I'm calling you evil!!! This is a link to Karey's shop but not sure if she sells her threads online. 

Now to the beads. Not a very good picture but these were beads that Jane K gave me. They've got holes at the tops and Jane used them for her mouse family which you can see here. Don't those eyes look great? I can't wait to make more mice with those eyes.  Thank you, Jane - you're a star.


Maureen said...

Rainbow Connection and Midweek Passion - those are the colours I would have chosen as well!

Helen said...

I am powerless when it comes to Karey's threads. I always buy a boatload of them from her as they are so awesome.

God's Kid said...

Looks like fabulous threads and beads!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

You can never have too many beads or too much thread!

Crazy Mom! said...

I LOVE Karey's threads - truly fabulous. I can't resist either.

I had all my HDT tidily would in a container and showed Sharren M, who said "Don't you just want to lick them?"

Fox said...

I have bought many skeins of Karey's threads online... : )). Many!

StringyDogs said...

Oh yes. Karey has made me break my financial promises. I prefer to think she casts a spell. Surely I'm not that weak willed. Sigh.

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