3 August 2013

Now, do I 'do' bright?

Well I do and always have done.  From a deprived (and depraved) childhood of no coloured tatting threads I developed an all time yearning and lust for colour!!!

These two brooches are made from thread in Jess's Etsy store.  Don't they zing?

I was really, really pleased to see a great deal of activity shortly after I launched the Tatting Tidy idea in my Etsy shop.  I already had one request from a customer (I'll finish that today and list it) and sold one very quickly.  Even BETTER is the fact that I'm still using mine and find it's the answer to my losing my 'stuff' all the time!!

Instead of sitting here nattering I'd better get back to the sewing machine!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Gorgeous colours! I'm glad your tidies are selling, they're a great idea.

Unknown said...

really loving the color play in the first one.

Phyllis said...

Not only to they zing, they are very bright. Would definitely draw the eye to it.

linb54 said...

wow, how in the world can you get so many of these done? don't they take you very long to make. gorgeous, really love the first one!

Martha said...

Almost need to wear shades to look at those pictures! They will be so eye-catching for whoever is lucky enough to wear them.

God's Kid said...

Absolutely outstanding!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

mmmmm yes so bright love them definitely eye candy!

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