29 July 2013

Next incarnation!!

The two pictures below show the table I sew on and it's looking pretty darn tidy when this picture was taken!!!  The reason was because I had just finished two of the Tatting Tidy holders and I was feeling really pleased.

This is the final version which stands beautifully even when empty.  Well, they all do, actually but I'm SUCH a fusspot over getting things right when I'm making something.

In the end I took people's comments and went with denim as the main fabric.  This weight doesn't need stiffening but it does need strong fingers to deal with it!!!

I'm not sure when these will get into my Etsy shop but I'm hoping it won't be too long.  Meanwhile I will cut out more ready to sew when I have time.  The next two weeks are going to be really busy for me - who'd be a grandma, eh?


Sally Kerson said...

They are looking good and so pretty.
I would love to be a Grandma

Maureen said...

Have fun with the grandchildren! We had a "moment" yesterday when one of the twins was beaten at Snakes and Ladders - it mattered!

Ladytats said...

Love your Tidy holders.
I love being a grandmother, I have 11 little and not so little grandchildren.
2 of whom stayed at our place this past week for several days, they had a blast picking rocks, picking wild black raspberries and learning to drive tractor. Oh and they got to feed calves and chase the cows that got out. They are making plans to be back next year.

Phyllis said...

Love the Tidy holders, also. We have our first grandchild and are enjoying her immensely. Can I request the purple flute playing person fabric for one (if you have any left)? This would go nice with my shuttle keeper and roly bag I purchased earlier.

JB said...

They look great. I will be watching for them to arrive in you shop.
Are already a Grandma or about to be a new Grandma?

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, JB, I've been a grandma for nearly 13 years but don't see a lot of any of them. That's why every minute counts even though I was SO tired last night I barely made it to bed!!!

Jane Eborall said...

Phyllis - I'll have a look. It was the kokopelli fabric, I think. I'll check what you had in my Etsy shop!!

Phyllis said...

Yes, I believe that is who he is. Just could not remember his name! Thanks for checking.

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