20 December 2010

Well, penguins CAN fly!

Bet you all didn't know that!!!  It's a fact and I can prove it!!! 

I never ever list anything in the Etsy shop unless it's made and in my box ready to go but I decided that, as the penguin I showed you on Saturday's blog post got snapped up before it had even got into the shop that I'd make another!!!  

As the eejit that I am I decided to use the photos I'd taken of number one penguin and list those in the store.  Then I toddled off downstairs to make a replacement 'just in case'!!! 

I'd only just got the centre done and whooops and yipppeeeee the little beggar got snapped up before birth - in the womb, in fact.  That kept me busy.  SO that proves that penguins can fly - out of my shop!!!! 

Also gave me another idea so I worked on that yesterday evening.  Hope to show you sometime soon.

As for Royal Fail - you've not heard me grizzle about them for ages.  They are still failing us dismally and we've not had any post since Thursday now.  It's very, very localised from what I can gather having had another 'I want to see the manager' stint at the local sorting office.  Still awaiting magnets and some beads I won in Ebay and those were sent via first class mail well over a week ago!!!  OK, so Royal Fail are putting the cost of a first class stamp up soon but you won't catch this OG buying one - I'll stick to second class, thanks!!!! 


Wendy said...

trouble is, second are going up as well :o( You can get them cheaper on e-Bay though :o)

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Love the penguin bookmark! He's just sooo cute!!

Jolimama said...

:-))) Örülnék egy rajznak, lehetne kapni?

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Jolimama the pattern for the penguins is here. http://www.e.n.e.btinternet.co.uk/PenguinsAll.pdf

TAT19540 said...

We have a 'forever' stamp. You buy a book of 20 at the going rate( I did when it was a lot cheaper than now) and because it doesn't have a price on it you can use it 'forever no matter how much they go up! Best idea the post had!
I love the penguins!Hey how about frogs!

God's Kid said...

Love your penguin! :)

Jolimama said...


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Happy Beaks
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