24 December 2010

An expensive penguin!!!

Why am I showing you yet another penguin?   Well this is probably THE most expensive penguin in our neck of the woods and beyond!!!

Why?  Well to make him look presentable I had to go out in the snow and buy a new iron!!!! 

I got totally fed up with having to scramble down the passageway between our two houses (us and next door) with a stepladder to re-set the trip switch on the socket circuit.  Every time I did any ironing it would 'trip'.  OK now I'll be honest  I don't 'do' a lot of ironing - well, not of clothes, but I do like to lightly press my tatting sometimes and as I usually do that on the way to bed (ready to blog) you can imagine the cussing that went on when I had to go and sort the trip out in the cold and dark (and snow!!!).

So yesterday I reserved a new iron online at Argos and then trudged up there in the snow.  Oh, that was after slithering down the town, visiting an 'oldie' at the other side of town and then going home.  Argos is is situated in yet another direction so off I went again.  Well I guess it keeps an OG fit!!!!  Boy, the backs of my legs ache today!!

Over the weekend I'll be adding some more to the shop - I've got it in my head to make a seahorse or two and a dolphin.  You never know what else may appear too!!!!

Oh, this little guy is now here.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

He is a darling little guy!

Merry Christmas, Jane!

Typstatting said...

Well Jane he is cute and I think a Seahorse and Dolphin would be great what about a Merecat? Anyway you have a great Christmas!

Karrieann said...

...and such a cute lil guy too!

God's Kid said...

I just love those penguins! :)

Ridgewoman said...

I love how the penguins worked out! As I'm keyboarding, Pippa is following the cursor! She is such a curious kitty. We are trying to 'teach' her that pawing at the little tree, with fiber optic sparkly colors (from the disc in the base) is a 'no' (sssssst). LOL I love critters. I can't wait to see you unveil your other little black and white critter to the world of tatting. I love him/her! Merry Christmas, Mate. xxx P

Gina said...

Merry Christmas Jane & to your other half too!

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