22 December 2010


Blogger problems sorted themselves out yesterday eventually and I put the 'tease' picture for the TIAS on there.  No need or reason to complain about a very, very good free service and one that keeps me out of mischief (that's blogger I'm talking about although it could also be said about the TIAS)!!!

Having now been blogging for a while (since May 2006, for crying out loud!!) I wonder what I'd do if I didn't blog?   It's become a part of my life like my morning bowl of porridge!!!  Through blogging I am stimulated by others blogs and by comments that are made on this one.  So much so that a chance remark about penguins set me off on another daft idea.  I'll show you once I'm totally happy with it - which I'm not yet!!!

So to my other daily grumble - Royal Fail!!!  Letters turned up yesterday finally.  A customs 'demand' for threads I've bought from America.  This is interesting as the invoice was raised on the 15th of December.  Even that's taken five days to get to me.  Other post is slowly drifting in but my three small packets (beads and more magnets) are still not here.  Do hope that Father Christmas isn't an employee of Royal Fail!!  I feel I'm due for my weekly trip to the local sorting office for a grumble although the five inches of snow may save them this week.  I don't 'do' grumbling or arguing very well as I can always see the other person's point of view even better than my own. 

Some really, really nice folks work at the sorting office and I can't speak to them because they are so good - I always 'demand' to speak to a manager.  Doesn't get me very far but at least I feel better for trying!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I keep telling myself... 'tis the season to be jolly! Strange, yesterday my mom received the parcel I mailed on Saturday. I have yet to receive a parcel that was mailed to me last Monday. Mom thinks it may depend on which direction the mail is headed! ; )

Hillside Threads said...

I'm in the South and have had mail trickling in from all over the country but we have no snow at the moment so we are lucky. The customs 'demand' always annoys me, not the customs bit, but because Royal Fail never Fail to add their totally disproportionate administration charge on grumble grumble

Looking forward to the TIAS in the new year

Anonymous said...

Poor Jane.... sorry for the Royal Fail... but I have to chuckle at your post. Even in your grumblings you are still comical.

Fox said...

This is so funny - "Do hope that Father Christmas isn't an employee of Royal Fail!! ". Jane you crack me up!

Good luck with it!
Fox : )

Margarets designer cards said...

I am having the same moan about the royal mail too, the new postman we have just acquired told my neighbour that there is hundreds and hundreds of letters still to be sorted in the office....... I wonder if thats where my husbands parcel is, that was posted on the 13th by amazon, and still no sign of it. Car snowed in so I cant go and complain at the sorting office. Husband will not dig her out as he knows I should not be driving with all the pain killers they have me on.
Hope you get your threads and post before christmas.
keep warm and take care

geraldine said...

I live on MANOR ROAD faceing straight down MANOR DRIVE, guess where my POST goes and where there's go's, even with the correct POST CODE. I does make me made as made.

Spinneretta said...

Not that the US Fail is much better. I am still waiting for the parcels my Mum sent me from England four WEEKS ago!!

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