29 December 2010


Now, today I want to talk about worms!

One of my secret passions is talking to worms but lately my worms haven't been very talkative.  In fact I've not seen a lot of them due to the extremely cold weather!!
It's true before anybody starts thinking I'm even more bonkers than you already thought.  I DO have worms and they live at the bottom of my garden.  See - you guys have fairies and I have WORMS.

They live in my compost maker and are very hard working little critters.

So now you're wondering why I'm telling you this.  Well, one lady who bought a bookmark off me wanted a 'hanging worm' rather than one that sits on top of the book.  So I re-did the stitch count on the original worm, added another split ring - oh, and some glittery thread and here is her worm. A glamorous, glittery worm and the total opposite of MY common or garden (actually compost) worms!!!!


Typstatting said...

I gotta admit it you certainly do come up with some amazing stuff. Love the worm!

Fox said...

Worms are good.
Fox :O

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

I wonder just where you were going with the worms, he looks gorgeous and much nicer than your worms down the bottom of your garden. Its amazing what some people think of and we then do our best to follow the request. I am sure she will love it.

God's Kid said...

That's a worm my mom would not be yelling about if I brought it into the house(the joke is that when we were kids my sister brought a worm in the house to have mom cook it for supper cuz' dad had been teasing her that worms were spaghetti, needless to say, mom wasn't on the humorous side at all with that). :)

Karrieann said...

I am a lover of the American Robin... so, maybe it is good that your wormies and my birdies are very far a part! (giggles) Heyyyyyy, there's a thought... a tatted robin and a worm together ! heheheheeee

Ridgewoman said...

I used to carry my fishin' worms in my tank top when I was a young girl; and, dad and I would go fishing in the Sierras. They were warm and sleepy until I put them on the hook and threw them in the cold water. I told my dh about that and he said, "oh good grief, yeeesh" Seemed practical to me at the time; I had less to carry. LOL xxxp

Miranda said...

Ooooh, I like Karrieann's idea, I might have to steal that!

I like the metallic thread in your worm. I gives it that kind of shiny, irridescent look that worms have.

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