31 December 2010

Another bookmark!!!

Yet another of the magnetic bookmarks!!!!  I'm taking time off now for a while - well, until I can't resist the urge to make more!!!

I've stiffened this one so it keeps it's shape a bit better.  He's now floating around looking very handsome in my shop.
Oh, I think the Tat It And See is nearly ready to go 'live'.  I have a friend working her way through it at the moment so I think I can fix the date.  Probably by tomorrow I'll have sorted that part out and any glitches she may have found too.  There are always 'glitches'!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

He's just adorable! I love my magnetic bookmark, Jane. It works beautifully with traditional books... just not my Kindle! ; )

Corina said...

Lovely bookmark!

Sally Kerson said...

Just love the way the colours have come out so he/she has a white trim around the eye. So what next on a bookmark?

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Happy Beaks
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