1 July 2008

Roly Poly Tat Bags

OK, here's the new 'range' of integrated tatting accessories which I'll be listing shortly on Etsy. Least I'm hoping some of these (there are only the three so far) will make it to Etsy as I've been selling privately now for weeks and nothing has got into the shop!!! First of all there are the 3 new bags.

These are followed by the 'poke proof' pouches (no hook or pick will get through these!!!) with separate bobbin holders which fold into the pouch.


Tattycat said...

Oooohhhh, red for me please if it isn't already gone. I'll go there now and see if it's listed!

Marty said...

These are really nifty, Jane. Are you selling the "poke proof pouches" separately as well?

TattingChic said...

Very pretty! I like the matching shuttle pouches.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks all. I'll make more of the red bags over the next few days, tattycat. Email me and keep nudging the aged brain!!!
Marty - yes. I've got odd bits of other fabric that I can make poke proof pouches from!!!! They'll be $9.99 each - with a bobbin holder if you want it!!!!

Tattycat said...

Allright! I'll keep reminding that "aged" brain of yours!

BJ said...

Jane! I love my roly poly ~ it holds more supplies that I ever expected and fits nicely in my tote.
The thought of a poke proof pouch is outstanding.
Sign me up for two ~ I'll remind you later and give more details. I love Brain cell #3! May she keep firing up!
Well, my mate says, "Bath time, dear" so I'm off to soak and dream about poke proof pouches. LOL
x BJ

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