12 April 2009

Finished another shirt

Yesterday I finished another tshirt. I think it's been pimped enough!

I'll take a photo today but meanwhile here are two butterflies which will go onto it - when I remember!!!

There's a link to the pattern if you click the word 'butterflies'!!!! Nearly forgot to mention that!!!


nima said...

Jane, all your finishes look very pretty. Your tutorial was very helpful for me to learn tatting. Please do visit my blog to see my tatting update.Thsnk you very much for your help

Maureen said...

I like this butterfly! - is it the same one that Wally has on her blog? What is the thread this time, another blend?

Anonymous said...

Jane, these are lovely. What thread did you use for the butterflies? Could you post a sample of your t-shirts? I would love to try one, but don't feel creative enough :>)


Jane Eborall said...

Maureen, I'm not sure about Wally's butterfly. I know I designed this one many moons ago!!!
The thread I used is another blend of a variegated 80 and a machine quilting thread. I love the shades it gives. Also I need to use up some of my finer threads so that I've got an excuse to go and buy MORE!!!!
Reverse psychology, I guess!!

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