8 December 2022

Shawl finished

Remember this?  Well I carried on until my circular needles were almost full and I was BORED with it.
What happened next?  Well I’d got a fair amount of yarn left so I cast off using a crochet hook.  I’m sure this method must have a name but I call it a lazy way that I often use.  

Having cast off I then had a nice edge that I could crochet into and that’s what I did!!  I did a row of double crochet (that’s the English double crochet!) and then a few rows of ‘spaced out’ trebles to give a lighter look.  The final few rows were trebles into each space and tops of the previous trebles and then finally another row of double crochet.  I also went round the inner side with dc too.  The photo shows the finished shawl and the second one shows the remaining yarn - although the colours don’t look quite right on that photo.

I wore the jumper on Saturday with the shawl over it as it was very cold.  My daughter thought it was part of the jumper!  I pronounce it a success!


Jane McLellan said...

Fabulous! And you've used up all the yarn.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks wonderful!

GoldenMom said...

LOVE it! And the way you finished with the crochet was perfect!

Rose Anne B said...

It is beautiful! ❤️ Not sure about leftovers for you but my girlfriend uses mine and any balls I've given her and she crochets/knits lovely couch throws. I'll post a picture in your FB post comments.

God's Kid said...

Your shawl looks wonderful!!! :)

Lavinia said...

It looks great! I almost forgot about the different crochet stitch names.

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