3 January 2013

Oval pendant again!

I know you've seen this pendant before but it's more about the stand that it's hanging on (see second picture).  

This stand was made for me by my brother in law (commonly known as 'im in the garage).  Sally spotted similar display stands in one of the big craft stores when we were in America.  She whipped out her camera and took a picture.  When she got home she asked 'im in the garage to make her a few as she sells her lovely necklaces at shows and wanted to display them in a more professional manner.

Oh, I did pick up the pendant again last night, I did two lock chain stitches and then put it down.  I really WILL get it finished soon but other things keep calling me!!!


Maureen said...

'im in the garage is amazingly versatile, isn't he? - the necklace looks wonderful on the special stand. What a very useful gentleman to have in one's life!

Sara said...

The pendant is beatiful, and what a clever stand!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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