28 August 2009

Ten days

You may wonder why I've been quiet.  OR you may just be relieved that I AM quiet!  The reason?

I've nothing to say!!  Honestly.  It's been over ten days since I picked up a shuttle but my dear old brain cell has been thinking of ideas.  

It's really hard to settle to tatting when you're in a busy house with lots of tiny kids.  I LOVE it.  Like being back in school as a teacher but this time without the final responsibility!!!

I am about to embark on a bracelet to match the small girl's necklace.  I'll show you when I've finished.


Marty said...

Where are you getting all these little kids? Lucky you, little kids are such fun!

Ridgetatter said...

Jeepers! Little Kids. ahhhh, love 'em; for about 10 minutes! The odd thing is that little children and college kids love ME. I feel about kids as I do cats and dogs. Love babies, kitties and puppies. Love to go to the hospital and sit in the baby room and rock the babies.
I had 3 daughters, that I love (before you write me a nasty gram), but felt they should all have been "sent to the nunnery at the age of 13 to 25!" LOL
I can laugh again, Loyal is coming along. Not much appetite but able to eat on his own and some interest in watching the Telly. I finally thought of my own design for the fourth lesson. I did it once in 10 and will now do it in a smaller thread. I even through in some mock picots and split rings! I thought about throwing in some blocks but decided to Keep it Simple! XXXX P

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Happy Beaks
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