29 August 2009

Send for the tat police!!!!

On Thursday morning I was kidnapped!!!

True, honestly.   I was seriously kidnapped.  These two people came to the house, bundled me into a car (sorry, no description as all cars are merely colours to me) and took me away. 

I was sure I was being taken to the nearest mental hospital to have my tatting addiction 'seen to' but I'm please and SO relieved that this wasn't the case!!!

Actually it was the total opposite!!!  Temptation in the form of beads and threads and other 'bits and pieces' was dangle in front of my nose all day.  Needless to say, I succumbed to temptation!!!!!!

Towards evening they took me to the one kidnapper's house and fed me (no not bread and water) the most delicious food.

Not sure what ransom was paid but they were obviously satisfied and took me home later in the day!!!

I did manage to take a photograph of the guilty pair and wonder if anybody can 'name and shame' them!!!!


connie said...

Gina!!!!!!! and I don't recognize the other kidnapper.
Lucky you.

Fox said...


Sally Kerson said...

Can't wait to see what you bought on your kidnapping trip, what an absolute delight being tempted with all those beads and threads.

Needledreams said...

Girl! I wish I could be kidnap like that! lol

Tatskool said...

Very funny!

erin said...

I'm thinking "G" as in "Gina" and "Gail" and "Guilty"!!!

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Happy Beaks
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