30 August 2009

Kidnappers revealed!!!

OK, now I'm going to reveal who my kidnapers were!!!  
You've seen their faces before but who guessed their names?!?!?!
Connie guessed right.  The kidnapper on the right is Gina from the tatting goddess list (before she passed it over to Erin).  She's got a fantastic blog which you can follow here.

The other kidnapper is Gail Owens.  We met years ago at Palmetto so I was VERY glad to meet her again too.  You can find her blog here .

I'm still recovering from the day and would happily be kidnapped again!!!!!


Gina said...

LOL! Well..you showed our mugshots so I figured everyone knew from that!
A great day! Thanks for joining us!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

You want to read something stupid. LOL!! I thought that was Gina and Gail but....I thought you were still in the UK so I knew it couldn't have been them. I must have missed where you mentioned you left the UK and are now in the USA. I am slapping myself on my forehead for I don't have brain 1 or 2 or even three...I am lost...there is no hope for me.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, I just read Gina's blog and sounds like you and Gail had a wonderful time with Gina. Glad you are enjoying your holiday in the US. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

victats@gmail.com said...

I hear America is a dangerous place to visit. Full of kidnappers just waiting to cart off unsuspecting lacers.

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