1 May 2013


The comments stopped coming in yesterday afternoon so just before our evening meal I decided it was time to run the random generator.

I've found that I could quickly make copies of people's names and plonk them in 'notes' which then bulleted each name - made life really easy.  There were 56 comments that 'counted' - some people accidently posted twice and one or two just commented and didn't want to be taken into consideration.  Oh, to the lady in Sweden who thought I wouldn't post a packet to her country - of course I would and I'm sorry I couldn't surprise you this time.

The winner was number 28 which you can see below.  That belongs to Marie Smith so I'll be sending that out as soon as I get her snail address.  

Thank you everybody for taking part - there's another book to be given away next week so don't forget to keep an eye open for it!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Congratulations to the winner, I hope she enjoys the book.

Valerie said...

tbe number came right in the middle! how cool;-)

Ladytats said...

Congratulations Marie

Rhonda L. said...

Congratulations Marie. I hope you enjoy your book when you get it and learn lots of new things from it.

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Val, that was very strange it was the halfway number. Thanks to everybody for taking part.

Anita. said...

Congrats Marie and have a wonderful time with new patterns.

Anita. said...

Congrats Marie and have a wonderful time tatting new patterns.

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