30 July 2008

Two separate subjects today!

It's always very flattering to find that people can understand my patterns. Specially some of the 3D ones!! This message and picture came to me a few days ago from Judy.
"I am currently tatting one of your patterns- the diamond motif. In 2006, I did your 3- bear in size 80 thread. I am pleased to say that it won a first at the NC State Fair - see attached picture. He is sitting on a bottle cap."

Now below is another Christmas tree. BUT it's in development 'mode' at the moment (wrong bead for the trunk so the threads aren't cut yet). This one is smaller - an earring size.  I think the top still needs some more work too so this particular effort might get the 'Jane recycles' treatment.  Cut up and beads re-used!!!

A matching set of brooch and earwigs!!! How's tat?


Unknown said...

Yes, that would be flattering to have someone do your pattern and win a big ribbon at the fair. I think the darling little earring tree is a wonderful idea.

Susanne said...

It is pretty and seeing these I am almost sorry I do not use earrings.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.