15 November 2014

Valencia again

I MAY get the new batch of shuttles up in Etsy later today - if not they should be there tomorrow. Keep your eyes open. Here's the link.

Well here is the next row of the Valencia doily - finished and shown the iron. Not blocked as I rarely, rarely do that and once this is done it won't need it. 

It's an amazing pattern to make as it's interesting and totally not boring. I just WISH I knew or could track down the designer.

It must have been designed around the 1960's, I'd guess. That's some years after my gran and I learned to tat. I would guess it came from an ordinary magazine - not a tatting one as there is an article on the back. If anybody can help find out who designed it I'd try and get permission to write and draw it up.

I'm now on the next two rounds before the outer motifs. I doubt I'll be able to scan it next time so the camera will have to be found and used.

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Fox said...

Jane, this is such a lovely piece! And the colours you picked display the design elements so well.

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Happy Beaks
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