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14 November 2014

Shuttles - all sorts!

Flash post today. 

I got news last night that the following shuttles and winders will be arriving Chez Eborall today. It will take me a few days to photograph the new woods and list them but they will be on my Etsy shop sometime next week. 

I want to get them up there as soon as possible so that I can get them mailed out before the Christmas rush starts. I'd hate them to get held up in that!! I'll let you know the day that they're going 'live' as soon as they're up and sorted. I think this time it'll be a case of listing them when I can with no particular time that they'll go 'live'. Just as soon as I've got them ready!!!  Oh, I'll post pictures  of the new woods and the new decorated shuttles and winders too as soon as I've taken them.
OK, here's the list.


1 IROKO £17.50 

1 YEW £17.50 

2 ROSEWOOD £17.50 

2 OLIVE £17.50 


2 0AK £17.50 

1 JARRAH £17.50 

2 AFRIMOSA £17.50 

3 SEQUOIA £17.50 

3 EUCALYPTUS £17.50 


1 KINGWOOD £17.50 

1 YEW £17.50 


2 APPLE £14.50 

2 PEAR £14.50 

1 PINK IVORY £14.50 

1 ROSEWOOD £14.50 



1 YELLOW HEART £14.50 


3 PURPLEHEART £6.00 plain 

3 BEECH £6.00 plain 

3 ZEBRANO £6.00 plain 

2 ASH (Christmas Trees) £7.00 decorated 

1 ASH (bell) £7.00 decorated 

2 SYCAMORE (bells) £7.00 decorated 

1 SYCAMORE (tree) £7.00 decorated 


3 CHRISTMAS TREES (beech) £5


Diane said...

Exciting! I hope i can add to my collection

Phyllis said...

Some of those woods sound yummy. Will be waiting for pics.

YorkieSue said...

SIX of the post shuttles arrived from Sally this morning... They are soo very tactile - the finish is silky and I love the dimple... Only managed to wind a pair of them and yet to see if they know how to tat! :-)

The range of woods are amazing: Ebony, Snakewood, Australian Burr, Violet Rosewood, Pink Ivory & Yellowheart!!! Aren't I the lucky one...

I am soo happy I found a home for the wood... Thank you Sally & Nick :-)
Off to play...

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Who would ever have believed we would have access to such fantastic and exquisite hand-crafted shuttles! I can't believe how many choices there are - shuttle types and beautiful woods! Your 'family enterprise' is amazing! What a fantastic contribution to the world of tatted lace!!!

rsmre said...

Sheesh, I still haven't found my post shuttle with the pear decal. :(

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