20 June 2015

This is what happened next!

So all the bits you saw here finally came together.  Before I forget AGAIN - the thread is Celery by Yarnplayer.  Wonderful vibrant colours as are all her HDT's.  

I'm sure you'd be 'interested' to hear how and where I put the necklace together. I must explain that we live in a 'house of clutter' and as neither of us is tidy things rarely get 'put away' and every surface is covered in 'stuff'. 

So, the bits and bobs for this assembly operation are kept in the 'back room' where the tatting cupboard lives. In there I hide my operating equipment too. So when it's time to assemble a necklace I get the items needed and sit on the FLOOR of the back room and start the operation - no anaesthetic is taken although an anti swearing pill is often required about halfway through the procedure. 

A good reason for using the floor as my working area is that when I drop the findings or they 'fly away' they can't travel too far. The carpet is a coffee brown colour so the escapees also show up easily and can quickly be recaptured too.


Jane McLellan said...

We need a photo of that process! Great result.

Pigmini said...

I think Jane means we need video of 'operations in progress' complete with sound bites please!! Lol
The necklace is purdy

tattrldy said...

The description of your house sounds very much like mine, right down to me sitting on the floor to put things together! I like how the 'bits' came together for the necklace.

God's Kid said...

It looks amazing!!! :) Most of my tatting is done on the floor!! Growing up, kids were not allowed on the furniture(when dad was home anyway), so I am in the habit of sitting on the floor and all my tatting stuff sits next to me or in front of me as many of my pictures reveal. :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

We have stuff all over the house also... mainly me, but Dave does have his share of clutter. Isn't that the sign of a creative mind? I believe that's what my mom has always said.

Ladytats said...

Great looking necklace. Clutter happens everywhere. You are right about Marilee's threads, they are vibrant

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