16 June 2015

More about Saturday

Now still on the subject of Crazy Mom Tats (her blog is here, by the way) there's something else that I have to tell you about her. This lass is very, very generous. Many years ago she sent me a huge box of fabric which cost an arm and a leg to send. This was before her house burned down last year and I think before we'd really met.  That box kept me 'bagging' for a long, long time until quite recently when Sue Hanson sent me some more.

Still re-building her life and in the middle of moving house and office Sandra STILL managed to give me MORE fabric on Saturday!!!!  Bless her cotton socks - this is what she brought with her. The top one has to be my favourite and that will become a bag (or something else, even) before much longer. The others are wonderful too. From a lovely bright circular one, peacocks, monkeys, owls, butterflies etc.

Also she gave me two reels of thread which I'm dying to use too. Anybody used them to tat with before? I've used sewing weight threads many times and these look lovely. 


Maureen said...

What lovely gifts! - the thread will be interesting, it's polyester - maybe you'll use it doubled.

Pigmini said...

Drool!!! I want to come down and play tatty bagging!!! With tatty embellishments of course!!! VBG

Madtatter80 said...

Ahhh collecting fabric what fun, sometimes I purchase for no reason :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Those fabrics will make wonderful bags! I've never tried that thread for tatting. I guess I've always shied away from polyester threads, because it's been ingrained in me that they're too slippery and stretchy. Can't wait to see what you tat with them!

Claire said...

Love those cats and the little owls. So cute!
In my very limited experience with polyester thread, they are not stretchy at all, tat nicely (but might require an adjustment on your tension if you tat tightly), but I haven't tried that particular brand. The one I have right now is named Penny 30 and is Italian. The tatting lace is much more rigid than with cotton, which is nice for jewelry, and doesn't get dirty easily.

picotsnkeys said...

What fun material! You will create some great bags with it!
I have tatted with that thread. I made a hair bun holder and pair of earrings. I didn't like the way it twisted and had a mind of its own, but with a bit of adjustment to my technique, it worked up nicely. The tatting looks delicate and is strong. I also really liked the colors. The repeat was a bit too close so the pooling came up odd in places, but overall quite acceptable.

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