14 April 2012

Last session at the Buzz

This was my final session of demonstrating at the Buzz until I'm contacted next.  Again it was quiet but Julia came back again to tat with me.  What a fast learner she is.  We WILL meet up again as I feel we'll have a few other points to continue with and the Buzz is a wonderful meeting place.  Comfortable sofas, lovely atmosphere and a GREAT cup of tea!!!

Here are two pictures of her hands again.  First we are choosing a pattern from her only tatting booklet - (so far!!!) and secondly learning the 'slip and slide' method of manipulating the shuttle.  I did a page on this a while ago which can be found  here if  you want to take a look.

There were two other ladies there (one an old friend from many years ago) who were doing weaving (tapestry), rag rugs, felting and most fascinating of all - braiding of all types.  Sally (the lady I didn't know until yesterday) demonstrates these types of crafts at Mary Arden's Farm here.  So, an interesting day for me too!!!

I'm very interested in the braiding idea - such pretty, pretty braids made in Tudor times.


** jess! ** said...

That is so exciting!! I *think* that's how I tat (the slip and slide), but I hold the shuttle "upside down". I guess that's one of the disadvantages to not having a teacher by your side like you are there for your friend Julia. :o)

Jane Eborall said...

Well, Jess, I may be holding MY shuttle upside down. There's no right or wrong way really.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Sometimes I wish I only had one tatting book so that I would try all of the patterns... nah! I love my collection of books... and thread... and shuttles...

Sally Kerson said...

Sadly after many years I have got into bad habits and my method is more of a (slip jerk and slide method!). You can't teach an old dog new tricks?!!! As Jess says Julia is lucky she has the advantage of learning this method straight away.

Margarets designer cards said...

Its lovely to have somewhere where you can meet other crafters and enjoy some time together sharing ideas and learning.

Stephanie Grace said...

First I saw jealous of Julia for having such a great teacher (or a teacher at all, as Jess stated). Then, I was jealous of what you got to see. Then, I clicked the link for Mary Arden's Farm and FINALLY, I have a place that I want to visit in this lifetime.

Now, I'm jealous that you live close to something so steeped in older, simpler ways of life. :-P

All in all, good post, but I seem to be turning green. (Good thing I'm not religious because there's a whole lot of envy within me right now!).

Stephanie Grace

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